“Turning disabilities into SUPERabilities!”



Inspired by the real-life Morgan Hartman, Morgan is the heart of the Wonder Squad. Her cognitive delay is matched by her powers of love and healing. And her emotional gifts let her soar with wings like a butterfly.



Rocket has always believed that “just because you can’t walk, doesn’t mean you can’t go wherever you want to go.” A mechanical genius, Rocket built his own superpowered wheelchair to get around. He’s the fastest on the scene, and his wit’s as quick as his wheels.

X-Ray and Uno

X-Ray has been blind since birth, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing the good in everyone. With the help of his super X-ray goggles and his “super-eye dog” Uno, he’s ready to charge into action and save the day.


Even with cerebral palsy, Jette has no trouble moving in style (thanks to a fashionable set of jet-powered crutches designed by Rocket). She’s the brains of the Wonder Squad, and always tells people to think before they act, because “Every power needs a plan.”